Traveling Mexico City and Driving in Cancun

Episode #57

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About This Episode

In this episode, we talk about our thirteen days in Mexico which we had just returned from the day before recording this. We spent six days in Mexico City and seven days in Cancun. We talk about our day-to-day schedule and what we accomplished while we were in Mexico.

Mexico City Itinerary

Mexico City is such an amazing place to visit. There is so much history littered throughout the city that you can be occupied by this place for weeks on end. Unfortunately we did not have that amount of time.

We started our first day with the Historic Center where we wandered from the Palacio de Bellas Arts through the park to the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, on to La Ciudadela where we did some souvenir shopping, to the city square of Zocalo, and ended our walking tour by ascending to the top of Torre Latinoamericana. This was a busy day, but so worth the amount of steps we took.

The next day took our first day trip to Teotihuacán where we marveled at the incredible pyramid structures and ate at La Gruta restaurant. We finished the day by visiting a Lucha Libre show to see the real Mexican wrestling show.

The following day we visited the Frida Kahlo house and museum which was offered a look into the life of the famous Mexican artist. Admission to this also included admission into a Diego Rivera designed museum called Museo Anahuacalli which is a must see if you are going to the Frida Kahlo house. We also visited another market that offered more local food at the Mercado de Coyoacan.

Day four we took to visit Puebla during Cinco de Mayo, the only city in Mexico that celebrates this day, and Cholula. Puebla is such a historic town and it was wonderful to just walk the city streets among all of the locals celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Cholula has the Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies which is set on top of a hill overlooking the city and a volcano in the backdrop.

Our second to last day we visited Xochimilco where we went up and down a canal in fancily colored boats and enjoyed mariachi music while sitting back in our boat. There was not much else to this day other than our visit to this portion of Mexico City further south.

Our final day was spent in Chapultepec Castle where we enjoyed views of the city and learning more about modern Mexican history.

Cancun Itinerary

We did not really enjoy our time in Cancun. It was fine and all, but the resort towns are not for us. The thing we really wanted to do though was visit Chichen Itza. We arrived by 10:00 a.m. and got in our photos before the groups arrived. It was well worth the visit and really made our trip to Cancun.

Other than this visit, we did not do much else in Cancun. One morning we enjoyed the beach, but by noon it was way too hot to be outside in the humidity. We visited a cenote, a tequila tour, and wandered around a market in the downtown.


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Traveling Mexico City and Driving in Cancun


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