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Episode #53

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Why Traveling is the Best Education

Episode #53 Alberto and Violeta of You Who Travel

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Alberto and Violeta of You Who Travel. They are a Spanish couple who worked as teachers in UK before quitting their jobs to travel the world together. They combine their passion of travel and teaching as they travel the world and document their journey. We talk with them about balancing their online work with travel and experiencing other schools while traveling.


Alberto and Violeta have been together for fifteen years, and for the past nine of those years they had been working as teachers in the UK before deciding to move on from their jobs to travel the world together. They had met in their hometown in Spain after meeting through friends. Always wanting to travel the world to experience other cultures, but also wanting to improve their English they decided to move from Spain to the UK.

Part One: Travel

Alberto and Violeta travel because they want to meet new people and visit new places as much as possible. They began traveling locally as much as they could before moving to the UK to change their lifestyle and experience another country. They were last in Hong Kong for five days where they met one of their friends. At the time of this interview they were in Taiwan where they have been for two weeks. Next, they are moving on to the Philippines.

They have had many rewarding travel experiences together as a couple. One of them came when they stayed in Nepal when they were able to teach some of the teachers English and talk teaching strategies as the students were on break. It is these experiences where they are able to give back to communities on their travels that they love to do.

Their hilarious travel experience came in a national park in Nepal when they were told by their guide to run from their guesthouse when a rhino came too close. Eventually they were able to get fairly close to the rhino when they knew there was no danger. Another came in Taiwan when they were in an underground train and they began to drink some water when a local yelled to them to not drink water as it is not allowed to eat or drink there.

The worst experience came to them after a long flight to India. After arriving in India they needed a taxi. Unfortunately taxi drivers at the airport tried their best to tell them that places were closed and they needed to take their taxi. Eventually because they were tired they took the taxi and it took them hours to make it to their hotel as the taxi takes them to various places to try to confuse them and get them to buy things. It was a bad experience at the beginning of their trip in India, but eventually they really enjoyed the country.

Part Two: Relationships

For them, travel has really strengthened their relationship by gaining confidence in one another through their experiences together. They work to communicate with each other how they feel at any time. They work together as a team and divide tasks and that is why it works so well.

When planning a trip, Alberto takes care of the logistics of the trip including flights, hotels, and getting from one place to another. Violeta takes care of the itinerary when it comes to what they are going to do during their time in a destination. The destination that they would return to would be the Maldives where they spent a week. They went two three different islands where they met the locals and saw the Maldives from a different perspective than what most do when they visit.

Their final advice for couples wanting to travel more is to divide tasks between each other to make decisions and to work together as a team by listening to each other’s opinion. Working together as a couple is so important to traveling together as a couple. Also, giving each other space during stressful moments is incredibly important. Being flexible will really help when traveling as well.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

The name You Who Travel was meant to make sense in two different languages: English and Spanish. As Spanish speakers and English as a second language they caption all of their videos with English subtitles and provide an English translation to all of their captions on Instagram.

They use travel time between destinations to catch up on creating content in order to make the most of the times they are spending in each destination. When they travel they try their best to give back to the community when they travel, especially in regards to teaching as they are both teachers professionally. Being able to combine travel with their passion of teaching is a big part of their travels.

Their advice for another couple wanting to live a travel lifestyle is to not be afraid if you really want to travel. The places around the world are not as scary as people make them seem. Once you arrive there, they are much less scary than what people make them out to be. In terms of saving for travel, cutting back small expenses here and there can really help along the way. Not only that, but some places do not require a lot of money to get by on day-to-day expenses.

One thing they wish they had known before starting this lifestyle is to start your Couchsurfing account and host people before you embark on your travels. This is because it is difficult to get accepted to stay somewhere if you have never hosted somebody before.

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Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel

Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel

Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel

Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel

Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel

Traveling is the Best Education with You Who Travel


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