Time Management and Working on Your Relationship with Happily Ever Adventures

Episode #39

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Time Management and Working on Your Relationship

Episode #39 Lena and Bassam of Happily Ever Adventures

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Lena and Bassam of Happily Ever Adventures. They are a married couple who document their every day adventures online and share their travel, relationship, and lifestyle advice. We talk with them about balancing work, a blog, and traveling, working on their relationship and recharging through travel.


Part One: Travel

Part Two: Relationships

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

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Love is the closest we have to magic. ✨ That moment when you meet and your whole world shifts and changes, without you even knowing. ✨ That dizzying, butterflies in stomach, feeling of falling, spiraling, cartwheeling into love. Did you even stand a chance? ✨ Slowly those butterflies give way into comfort. The deepest, coziest, feeling of HOME you’ve ever felt. Your heart is home. ✨ The intensity of saying, I choose you, forever I choose you. No matter what, I love you. It’s you. ✨ Learning that it’s not easy. Giving up would be easier. But you love each other enough to stay up late nights arguing, working through tangled webs of misunderstanding and disagreements. All to get to a place of just a little more understanding. You’ve never wanted to understand someone so much and you’ve never cared quite so much to be understood. ✨ Intense anger at one moment and so so so much love at the very next. The insane joy you get from seeing your loved one happy. From seeing them smile. ✨ Slowly peeling back layer after layer, thinking there’s no more to peel back, and yet you still learn something new. It’s thrilling that there’s still more to learn and there’s deep comfort in knowing you’re getting to the real core, knowing the person like no one else. ✨ And that dizzying, spiraling, cartwheeling feeling comes back, when you thought it was long long gone. For the same person. Because you fall in love with them over and over again. ✨ If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

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Episode #39 Lena and Bassam of Happily Ever Adventures

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