Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Episode #46

A Podcast on Couple Travel

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Planning and Prioritizing Tasks

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It. They are the travel couple behind the travel movement Kinging-It and since their journey started in 2014 they have shown what real traveling looks like to their audience. They have such an amazing story together and have been through so much together. They talk with us about their travel lifestyle that they have built around their website and YouTube channel, being real and genuine with your audience, and prioritizing and sharing tasks with one another to get things done.


Craig and Aimee started back in 2014 when they saved up a bunch of money to travel. At the time they saw people beginning travel blogs, and they thought they could start their own by showcasing the real side of travel including the highs and the lows.

They both met ten years ago when Aimee followed her friend to Craig’s round the world trip send off party. They hit it off and talked for most of the night where their relationship together blossomed from. They have more to that story and their incredible journey together that you can find here.

Part One: Travel

Aimee was influenced by Craig to travel the world. So when asked why travel, Craig says that he enjoys being in new places and meeting new people from all walks of life, getting to see the most incredible places and not having a routine to follow. For Aimee, she feels that travel really makes you wiser and more down to earth. It helps you to not take things for granted that you normally would.

The last place they were at the time of this interview was South Africa for Aimee’s 10 year all clear cancer anniversary, right now they are back home in Wales, and their next adventure is in India where they will rent a rickshaw in the north and drive it to the south.

Their most rewarding experience together was the Mongol Rally when they were able to give back to charity, including a charity that helped Aimee through her journey. It was really rewarding to them to be able to give back. Another time was in Bali when they met a local who was a driver on a local tour that they went on who told them that he would take them wherever they wanted. When Craig and Aimee took him up on his offer, they also helped him over the years set up his own business as they send people his way for tours of Bali.

We move on to talking about the most embarrassing travel experiences together was when Aimee was getting anxious before a flight and the flight crew was saying maybe she should take the next flight. We then talk about the bad travel experiences that they have encountered together including being broken into in Thailand when they were sleeping in little beach huts.

Part Two: Relationships

To Craig and Aimee, travel really helps them to understand one another more and to be able to help each other. It is also the experiences and memories they make together that is really precious to them.

Aimee is the one looking and doing research of the two of them in order to plan their itinerary. When it comes to recommending a destination for couples to go, they recommend Iceland without hesitation. There are so many things to do for couples including seeing whales, going to spas, and seeing different natural sites. They do recommend going for a week and using a camper van to get around. They also recommend Bali for a more tropical destination.

Go into travel with a lot of patience together. This is Aimee’s advice for traveling as a couple. Craig says that you need to stay hydrated and fed. You should also look out for each other as well and work as a team.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

The name Kinging-It came when they were saving up for their travels and they were playing around with different words that they did not want it to be purely travel related. When Craig saw a photo of a kid with a crown above his head, he thought of Kinging-It and they knew it was their name right away.

When it comes to doing so much, Craig recommends a lot of planning and routine to complete tasks involved with their blog and social media channels. Prioritizing their tasks really helps them to complete the most important tasks. They work to split the tasks right down the middle when it comes to photo taking and editing everything. They both enjoy the same things when it comes to photographing and taking videos.

Aimee says that if you are real and genuine with your audience, it really helps to build your audience that will like to see you for who you are. When it comes to making your video skills better, it just comes down to practicing and taking videos together.

We talk about how difficult it can be to create content and travel at the same time. There is a lot of work that goes into traveling during the day and coming back at night to empty your memory cards, to edit, and to post on all of the social channels. They talk about moving forward and scheduling rest days that they can just relax and maybe get some work done.

Their final advice for couples that want to live a travel lifestyle is to just go for it. There are a lot of couples out there doing this, but if you want to make your own mark on this space then just go for it and take action. Craig also says to not take travel for granted. It is incredible to be able to live this lifestyle and to be able to travel the world.


More About Kinging-It

Kinging-It Website

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Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It

Planning and Prioritizing Tasks with Kinging-It


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