Passion for Travel and Content Creation with North South Travels

Episode #52

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What You Can Do with a Passion for Travel and Content Creation

Passion for Travel and Content Creation with North South Travels

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Corinne and River of North South Travels. They are a couple from the UK who decided to pursue a travel lifestyle by creating content online. We talk with them about their passion and how it helps their lifestyle and relationship and how they continue their travel lifestyle by creating content.


Corinne and River have been on the road full time since January this year and have been operating North South Travels for two years when they were still working full time. They had met while working in London and shortly after went on their first holiday together and ever since had always used their holidays to go traveling.

Part One: Travel

For Corinne, she developed a passion for travel as she was fortunate enough to see a lot of Europe when she was young. She says that she travels because she would rather see more of the world than less of it. River states a similar thought as he says what is the point in staying in one spot for the rest of your life and not experiencing the rest of the world that we live in.

They were last in Vietnam, they are currently in Laos at the time of this interview, and are on their way to Thailand. While in Laos they were working with Green Discovery an adventure and eco-tourism company. Corinne recommended Vang Vieng when in Laos as it is becoming a much more adventure travel destination for travelers with canoeing, hiking, and so much more.

Their most rewarding experience came early on in their travels together when they visited Alaska as it was completely different from anywhere they had ever been. Between the areas they explored and what they were able to do, Alaska really stands out as the most rewarding travel experience together.

A hilarious travel experience that they had was when they were in Cambodia staying in tents on an island. While they were heading out for dinner they saw two bulging eyes staring back at them. Not knowing what to do, they went another way out of its way. They told the manager before they went back to their tent and he came back to tell them it was a toad.

One of their worst travel experiences came when they took a bus that was to take twelve to thirteen hours that ended up taking twenty-four hours to get to their destination. With the bus taking on and dropping off locals throughout the journey, going through a border control, and people being sick on the bus, it was their most difficult bus ride. To top it off, they had to put their camera stabilizer under their bus seat and forgot about it when they got off the bus. They then had to try to find their way back to the bus to get their stabilizer back.

Part Two: Relationships

They talk about how travel has effected their relationship and for them since they have been together they have always spent a lot of time together. So when they went on the road traveling full time together where they are always together it was all the same. Traveling together has always felt natural, but to have that initial outlook on life is really key to their relationship.

Not only do they have a passion for travel, but also a shared interest in the style of travel. Both being adventurous and wanting to experience the culture of the people.

Corinne handles the booking and planning the itinerary as it is her strength. On a day-to-day basis, they are more flexible in what they are planning to do. As for a destination that they would return to, it would be Alaska as they had discussed before. However, one destination that they would recommend on the other end of the spectrum from what Alaska offers would be Maldives for the beaches and experience.

They recommend that couples work on communication. Discussing things with one another especially when planning to live a travel lifestyle. They recommend discussing about finances, making sure you are on the same page, and also setting goals for yourself in order to make sure that the two of you are striving for something.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

The name North South Travels came because River is from the south of England and Corinne is from the north, hence North South Travels. With the blog starting two years before this interview and them starting to travel full time since January, they began creating content based on their travels during holidays. They had just been to the Amalfi Coast for two weeks and came back with some photos and videos. They received a good reaction from this content and started to think of ways that they could do this and travel full time.

They travel full time while working full time in order to live their travel lifestyle. They are constantly working, but they love what they do. Whether it is editing, writing, researching the next destination, they are always doing something. Though they do love what they are doing, it does get tiring. With working until midnight and then having to get up for sunrise can be difficult. However, it is their passion that drives them to continue this lifestyle.

We talk a little bit about their routine or however much of a routine that you can have when you are traveling. They talk about the importance of exercising in the morning, as well as some editing and replying to emails. From their they can go out exploring somewhere before coming back to their work later in the day.

Their main motivation to get out and travel while producing content full time was that they were not happy with their jobs. They remained focused on creating content and found motivation in hearing another blogger say that there will always be someone that loves what you do. They always had a passion for creating content which helped them build a portfolio that allowed them to show clients. This allowed them to sign up some clients to help them begin this lifestyle.

We asked them what they wish they had known before beginning this lifestyle. Corinne said that it would be how tiring it can be. Between traveling and working, it can be extremely consuming and very exhausting.


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Passion for Travel and Content Creation with North South Travels

Episode #52 Corinne and River of North South Travels

Episode #52 Corinne and River of North South Travels

Episode #52 Corinne and River of North South Travels


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