New Zealand Van Life as a Couple with Compass Couple

Episode #79

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Couple Van Life in New Zealand

New Zealand Van Life as a Couple with Compass Couple

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Wes and Enes of Compass Couple. They are a couple from Colorado who met up in Amsterdam and later decided to travel the world together beginning with living the van life through New Zealand. We talk with them about how van life has effected their relationship, what they have done so far in New Zealand, and the amazing stories that they have to share with us.


Part One: Travel

Part Two: Relationships

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

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Nothing will beat the memories we make together. ❤ Whether it's perfect weather, or pouring rain, life is always better when you have the right people around you. ? We probably got bitten by 100 different sandflies walking along the river on this day, but it didn't matter – we still had a great time! ? What's one moment you made lemonade out of a less than-perfect-situation? ? . . . . #newzealand #NZ #hokitikagorge #newzealandguides #travelcouple #inspiredtravelcouples #creativetravelcouples #earthcouples #findhomeonearth #globalcouples #partnergoals #couplexplores #runawaywithme #travellingcouplegoals #travelphotography #lifewelltravelled #beautifuldestinations #beautifulnewzealand #stunningnewzealand #vanlife #travelcouples #traveltogether #travelguide #exploretheworld #travel #travelblogger #thewanderlustcouples #thetravellerspage #travlcouple

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New Zealand Van Life as a Couple with Compass Couple


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