Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

Episode #59

A Podcast on Couple Travel

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Making Time and Saving Money for Travel

Episode #59 Milan and Heerali Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Milan and Heerali of Passport 4 Two. They are a travel couple that is saving money and making more time for travel while working their 9 to 5 jobs and creating content online around their travels together. We talk with them about how they work to save their money for their travels, how they make the most of their time on their travels, and how they work to create content while working their jobs.


Milan and Heerali met online, fell and love, and went on their honeymoon together in French Polynesia where they were bit by the travel bug and quickly made plans to travel more together. They continue to work their 9 to 5 jobs, but make travel a priority in their lives making sure they save money into an account for their travels and making the most of the time that they have to travel more.

Part One: Travel

Why travel? Well for Milan and Heerali it is about learning about the different cultures and seeing the day-to-day lives of people from around the world and understanding how fortunate you are. It is also about breaking up that typical day-to-day routine at home and to put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

They were last in Iceland for ten days, currently are at home in Washington D.C., and had just returned from Austin, Texas. They had actually booked tickets to Iceland on WOW Air before they were closed and all flights were cancelled. After deciding to find other tickets to Iceland, they were blown away about how beautiful Iceland is.

Their most rewarding experiences come during the most spontaneous moments of their travels including hiking in Bali and when on their honeymoon enjoying time with locals. Their most hilarious travel experience came when Milan left his wallet and passport in the front seat pouch on a plane when they had to try to figure out how they were going to get that back which in the end worked out. Their worst travel experience came when they were hassled non-stop by a local in Egypt to buy souvenirs.

Part Two: Relationships

For them, travel has helped them evolve as people. However, it is their love of travel together that has really helped them bond. Milan has seen how Heerali has become more open and willing because of the travels that they have been on together.

When planning a trip, just like in a relationship, there is always compromise. One person in a relationship may not enjoy everything that the other person wants to do. However, for both to be fulfilled by the travels there needs to be a compromise. In this case they both work to plan these activities that they will do on a trip together. One place they would return back to would be Bali due to there being so much for every type of traveler. For Milan, Iceland is something that is still in his mind with it being their most recent trip.

Heerali’s advice for a couple wanting to get out and travel more is to just go. Get out and book that trip and be spontaneous. There is no better teacher than actually getting out and experiencing the world. Milan discusses having intent to your travels and know what you want to get out of it and what you want to do while on your trip.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

Passport 4 Two was partially named from their experience with leaving the passport on the plane and began with an Instagram account and posting photos from their travels to a good response from people asking questions on their account about their travels. It then evolved into a travel blog as well for them to share their travel experiences as a journal for themselves, but to also help answer anybody’s questions about their trip.

While they are traveling they try to stay in the moment and save the content creation for when they return as they have limited time when they are traveling. Especially since they really enjoy the content creation side of things, they have no problem coming home from their 9 to 5 jobs and working on those things.

Saving for their travels includes putting money automatically aside from their work to a separate account for their travels. In addition, they have some work on the side that goes directly in to their travel fund. These days there are so many ways for people to earn money on the side and put it away for whatever they want.

They do make the most of their time when on vacation and are not afraid to use non-paid days from their work in order to extend a vacation. They also make the most out of their long weekends and any other time that they have together to travel more.

One thing that they wish they had known before starting this lifestyle would be to start earlier.

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Hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter Sunday. . . We were fortunate to arrive to Reykjavík early Sunday morning. We had the opportunity to go to Easter service at this beautiful church. Although we are not Christian, we respect everyone’s cultures and practices. It’s through understand that we will go stronger as human beings together and not individuals. . . That said, our hearts go out to the ones attacked in Sri Lanka over Easter weekend. A cowards act, disguised as righteousness. . . A friend of mine had some wise and insightful words which I would like to share. “Everyone, regardless of religion or ethnicity deserves the right to worship their Creator without fear of violence and discrimination. And those that would commit violent acts under the false pretense of religion simply do not have faith. Because all lives are sacred, and there is not a single religion that advocates killing. You don’t have to be a Christian to be heartbroken over this terrorist attack. You simply need to be human. My love and prayers are with the victims and families of the 207 people who senselessly lost their lives while in worship, as well as the several hundred injured in the church and hotel bombings today. I pray for them and also for those who will be blamed and persecuted for this cowardly terrorist attack. This was an attack on humanity. May we stand together and remember our common humanity during this painful time. To God we belong and to God we shall return. And to my Christian cousins observing Easter today, may you still find peace, solace, and love on this day.”

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Episode #59 Milan and Heerali Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two

Making Time and Saving Money for Travel with Passport 4 Two


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