Long Term Family Travel with Two Kids with Adventure Campitelli

Episode #42

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Long Term Family Travel with Two Kids with Adventure Campitelli

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli. They are a Canadian travel couple with a family. They put their life back home on pause to travel the world together with their two kids. They talk with us about the rewards and struggles of traveling the world with two kids and how they work together to create content around their travels.


Kathy and Marco met in their twenties working a summer job at the military base in Calgary, Canada. Been together for more than 20 years, they both were always adventurous and decided to take a break from back home to travel the world with their two kids. Both not growing up in travel families, they both feel it was Kathy who was the pulling force in taking this trip. The trip has been an eye-opener for them and their two kids and how fortunate they are back home.

Part One: Travel

We start this off with asking Kathy and Marco, “Why travel?” Simply put, adventure. Trying new things and experiencing new cultures is high on their list for why they travel the world. They were just traveling through Australia on a road trip, they are currently in Bali, and moving on to the Philippines shortly.

We take some time to talk with them about their road trip and doing that with two kids. Marco lets us know that it is easier to separate the two kids during road trips and travel days. Lots of breaks are also helpful and need to be planned for when traveling with kids.

Their most rewarding travel experiences was the elephant sanctuary in Thailand when the kids got to interact with the rescue elephants. On the other hand, Marco brings up a time when he had three scorpions placed on him despite being terrified of them. Finally closing out this portion of the interview, Kathy talks about a time in Thailand when their emergency money and cheques were stolen. They had to get on a collect call to their bank back home to cancel cheques and arrange their money, but once they came to check out of their place, they were charged excessive fees for calling internationally. At the same time, they had to get to their next destination with minimal cash on hand.

Part Two: Relationships

Traveling as a family has been important to them to really spend time as a family, being that back at home with work and their personal lives can get extremely busy. Whereas while traveling the world, they have been able to really spend the time together as a family. On the flip side of this is that Kathy and Marco have had less time together as a couple since they need to be together with the kids.

They do a lot of research on other family blogs to get ideas of where to go and what to do, including places where there are natural disasters in order to keep their kids out of harms way. We also talk about how they plan out their trips including hotels, airfare, and itinerary and how they split the tasks according to what they enjoy.

After talking about their favorite destinations, we talk a little bit about getting out of their comfort zone while traveling. For their kids, they are more adaptable and willing to get out of their comfort zone while traveling. As far as more advice for other travel families, Kathy says that it is important to balance rest days and activity days.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

The topic of conversation turns towards their Instagram and YouTube and how Adventure Campitelli began. We talk about how they manage their day with kids, travel, filming, editing, and releasing content. Their day begins early when they use the mornings to educate their kids as they are currently out of school to travel. During the day, they film and travel and the kids get involved in the whole process. At night when the kids go to bed, that is when their work begins when they edit videos, release content, and engage online.

We take a deep dive into how they grow their Instagram and YouTube, and their thoughts on getting traffic from Instagram onto their YouTube channel. After lots of great advice, we wrap up this episode with some final words for families that also want to live this lifestyle and what is in store for Adventure Campitelli in the future.


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Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli

Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli

Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli

Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli

Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli

Episode 42 Kathy and Marco of Adventure Campitelli


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