Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Episode #64

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From Long Distance Relationship to Traveling the World Together

Episode #64 George and Hanna of American and the Brit

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by George and Hanna of American and the Brit. Hanna is from America and George is from Britain, but they met while backpacking solo in Thailand, they spent some time in a long distance relationship, and then are now back on the road again together traveling the world and documenting their travels online. We talk with them about their journey together as a couple, sticking to their goal of traveling the world together, and how they began the American and the Brit to what it has become today.


George and Hanna met while solo backpacking in the north of Thailand in their hostel. When they met, they began to travel with one another further up north and later Hanna asked George to follow her to Cambodia and travel together for a month. After Cambodia they went back to Thailand together before Hanna had to get back to the States and George was on his way back home to England as well. While back at home, they visited each other in their respective countries for the next two years while they also worked.

Part One: Travel

Why travel? To gain perspective on life. Travel really takes you out of your bubble that you are in back home especially if you are working a 9-to-5 job or have been introduced to the typical way of living back home. It really introduces you to so much more of the world and other ways of doing things.

They were last in Cambodia, currently are in Vietnam at the time of this interview, and are moving to Myanmar after this. For them, the feel really comfortable in Asia and it is affordable for them in order to afford another two years or so of travel. For Hanna, she did not get to see enough of Asia when she was there two years ago so she is able to see more of Asia on this trip and are also able to revisit other places to reflect on how things have changed. As for places they both enjoy in Asia, Hanna was impressed by Malaysia whereas George enjoyed the Philippines.

Their most rewarding travel experience comes from gaining a new perspective on life by staying with local families and really trying to envelope yourself into a new culture. The most embarrassing or awkward travel experience came when they were in Cambodia for the first time together after three weeks of knowing each other and on an island with food poisoning. Needless to say, the hut they were in with no air conditioning was not an enjoyable place to be together. Their worst travel experience came on an overnight train when a lady by them was constantly throwing up over the night and when they left the train the next day they found that one of their bags had been stolen.

Part Two: Relationships

They both agree that travel has really brought them closer. When you travel with somebody, you put a lot of trust in them so you are working as a team when on the road and needing to rely on each other. Comparing their time traveling together, they both feel that they have learned so much about one another and more than they would have if they were back home working a 9-to-5. However, they do note that it is two different lifestyles and help you learn different aspects within the relationship.

When it comes to planning a trip, Hanna is in charge of looking into what to do and looking for places to eat in the next location. George is in charge of looking into accommodation for their trip, as well as trains and buses getting from one point to another.

Their final advice for couples wanting to get out and travel together would be to stick with their vision to get out and travel and work to save for the trip. If it is something that you really want to do, then you can work towards making it work. Do not be afraid to step out and escape the bubble that you live in.

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

It was George’s idea to create the Instagram account and gift it to Hanna for her birthday with some photos of them and their travels together already uploaded. It evolved from their to what it is today with how much they have grown their account.

When it comes to building their Instagram, they make their travels and experiences a priority. Their routine on the platform begins in the morning for an hour where they are responding to comments and engaging. They then shut it off, but keep updated on their stories. If they are planning a day of shooting, they pack their bag with their cameras and get out. They then post every night (except Tuesdays) after engaging about an hour before they post while responding to comments after they post.

When it comes to working on their blog and Instagram, they do like to schedule days where they can sit down and really work on them. Whether it is a rain day or a day when they are staying at a particular destination for a lengthy period of time, they do try to batch work together on one of these days.

One thing they wish they had known before starting this travel lifestyle would be that it is not as big of a deal as you think it is to quit your job and to put your life back home on pause to travel around the world.

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Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit

Long Distance to Traveling the World with American and the Brit


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