Long Distance Motorcycle Riding with The Havekosts

Episode #74

A Podcast on Couple Travel

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Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Long Distance Motorcycle Riding with The Havekosts

About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Josh and Rachel of The Havekosts. They are an American couple who embarked on a motorcycle road trip from Seattle to Argentina. We talk with them about Love Languages and the logistics of a motorcycle road trip through several countries.


Part One: Travel

Part Two: Relationships

Part Three: Making Travel a Lifestyle

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We were so ready to hit the open road and put down some serious milage (kilometage?) after being in Cuenca for two weeks. We rode 4 hrs to Vilcabamba for a quick two-night stay @izhcayluma then it was going to be on to Peru. (Josh here!) When we got here we laughed at some friends we'd made elsewhere in Ecuador who were staying here and kept extending their stay and not leaving this place. Then we ourselves booked a third night. The next morning at breakfast, leaving just didn't feel right so we added a fourth. Last night it was time to pack, but we were having too much fun playing pool and enjoying the company of new friends so instead we worked out a deal with the hostel to exchange some work and stay three more nights! ⁣ ⁣ We try to be careful of not promoting things here on our Instagram that we wouldn't recommend to a friend. It's easy for us both to say that if you're ever in Ecuador, Vilcabamba is worth a visit. And if you're in Vilcabamba, you need to stay @izhcayluma . It's called a hostería, but they have accommodations ranging from dorms to full apartments which we have been fortunate to find out are quite luxurious. Free yoga in the morning, and another session in the afternoon you can pay for if you're the kind of "morning person" that Rachel is. They have a full bar and restaurant, pool, massage services. The place is like a resort in the mountains at the price of an Ecuadorean hostel. You get it. It's great, go here. Last thing, you won't find them on booking sites, so you need to hit their website for reservations. ⁣ ⁣ #travelcouple #travel #travelcouples#instatravel #travelblogger#travelphotography #couplegoals#travelgram #travelcouplelife #travel #ecuador #travelphotography #allyouneedisecuador #travelgram #ecuadoramalavida #instatravel #ecuadorpotenciaturistica #travelling #viajaprimeroecuador #vilcabambaecuador #vilcabamba

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Long Distance Motorcycle Riding with The Havekosts


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