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To the Nations Worldwide Travel Podcast

A Travel Podcast About Couples Traveling the World and Sharing Their Advice About Travel, Blogging, Photography, and More!

We are Mike Pletz and Natalie Lee, a married couple from Canada and South Korea who love the world of travel and everything that comes with it. We run an online traveler community called To the Nations Worldwide that inspires travelers to share their journeys using interactive travel maps to share with their friends and family about where they have been, where they are, and where they are heading next.

Tune in twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays as we interview couples traveling the world while updating a blog, vlog, website, or a business while they are on the road. Get relationship advice about being on the road with your significant other. Listen how others struggle and thrive in the personal and business lives while traveling the world.

In addition to relationship advice while traveling, get advice about how to blog, vlog, photograph, film, or run a business. Get refreshing information from couples that work together on a common goal: to be successful while traveling the globe.

This is your one stop podcast for travel, relationship, and business goals!